“Group/Artist: Andromeda [NO] & excess [NO] & nooon [FR]
Platform: Windows
Type: invitation
Release date: July 2009
Party: Solskogen 2009 [NO]

Compo: Combined Demo
Ranked: 1st”

  • 2009: Koneko
    2009: Koneko
  • 1993: 9 Fingers
    1993: 9 Fingers
  • 1997: exit planet dust
    1997: exit planet dust
  • 1997: cncd vs. orange
    1997: cncd vs. orange
  • 1999: Concrete
    1999: Concrete
  • 2001: Propaganda
    2001: Propaganda
  • 2002: thermo plastique
    2002: thermo plastique
  • 2011: numb res
    2011: numb res
  • 1997: Robotnik
    1997: Robotnik
  • 1996: you am i you am the robot
    1996: you am i you am the robot
  • 1994: Friday at Eight
    1994: Friday at Eight
  • 1999: yume 2000 (future world mix)
    1999: yume 2000 (future world mix)
  • 2002: IV – racer
    2002: IV – racer
  • 1992: D.O.S
    1992: D.O.S
  • 1998: te-2rb
    1998: te-2rb
  • 1995: Dope
    1995: Dope
  • 1991: voyage
    1991: voyage
  • 2010: Partly Cloudy (TG11 invitation)
    2010: Partly Cloudy (TG11 invitation)
  • 2010: Phon
    2010: Phon
  • 2003: World Domination
    2003: World Domination

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  1. by Saul

    Bonjour,trop bien je suis fan de ton site rien d autre e0 dire si ce n est que j ai beaucoup de temps dveant moi pour atteindre ce niveau et que j aimerais pouvoir acce9le9rer le temps.Merci pour toutes ces chansons !!!

  2. I would like to see a statistic that tells you from what videos are people subscribing to your channel. So for example, I go to My Videos and it tells me 48 people subscribed to your channel from this video. This should be part of the API. TubeMogul.com has the stats thing covered just buy them and save some time. The character counter on comments is a good idea. LiveVideo had that since the beginning. Improving contact managemanet is good letting people set a Top 10 friends and subscription would be nice because your channel is like a big advertisement. Also, allow us to view more up to 50 contacts at a time and sort by pending and approved will help us a lot to clear up our contact list. What would be a really good idea would be on Send Message to let us set whether we want to use Youtube mail or have it go direct to an email address we supply. This should be pretty simple because you already do this on Share video. This will solve the problem with larger content providers not being able to access their Youtube mail because of message overflow and offload some of that traffic to other site built to do email. You will not be able to reply from your that email address but that a trade off a lot of us would take. YT can do a form just like on the Share video function.

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